BERBAZ irrati elkarrizketak: ZEREGINEN BALIOAZ-ETA

Udabarriarekin gora eta gora genbiltzan, loratu eta loratu, zabaldu eta zabaldu... Hello Change-en ere parte hartu genuen, eta, aukeratze-prozesu hartako esanak betez, Jolibú-ratuko gaituen ;) vCard mundiala grabatzeaz gain blog batean ingelesez ere idatzi genituen pieza batzuk. Aukeratze-prozesuan bazter geratu ginen, baina buruari apur bat eragiteko eta jende interesgarria ezagutzeko balio izan zaigu.

Amak beti esaten zigun zer garrantzitsua den ingelesa ikastea,... eta andereño Carmenek gogo handia jartzen zuen guk ingelesez espikatzeko eta ordutik saiatu egiten gara gu.
Bide batez, badakizue Boise aldean "jaiueixa" zer den? Autobidea, bai! Zuek bai biziak!

Tira, andra handi bi horien omenez hona dakargu orduko pieza hau, interesgarria zaizulakoan.

i like radio and i collaborate with a local radio station: bilbo hiria irratia. BERBAZ (meaning "chatting"), are one hour long weekly interviews. the plan is perfect: i meet the interviewee for slow lunch and "preparation" (that's to say, just getting to a friendship-atmosphere) at 14:15 or so, and at 16:00 we are recording in the atic of the same building (great view up there!) the interview in whatever the subject. you can listen to recent interviews in the link above and have a taste, ask whatever, hear basque language,... we started with the stuff, as usually, not at all searching it, just a "causality" (subject for another post, maybe)...

the radio is financed by money from kafe antzokia, the main music concert place in bilbao, that serves lunches almost everyday, and that treats our meals. besides, i'm let in the concerts if i say in advance, and (some) worldwide authors send me review books after requesting... some people tell me it's a bad business, that it takes me too much time,... but i don't agreed at all, because:

1. why is it so easily assumed that taking is better than giving? isn't it one of the lies that hold capitalism's awful side?
2.there are lots of other things that i receive through this activity, for example:
- i must all the time be alert to "new" people&activities that may become an interview
- it keeps me being curious, exploring and learning... how much is this worth?
- new space is opened by this conversations to new relationships (for example I knew Mikel, the smart guy that taped and edited my vcard, through BERBAZ)
- i keep developing (in a mainly self-guided process) communication skills: listening, asking, improvising, humour,...
3. it's in basque language, the one i'm at home and the one that is grateful with (almost) whatever we produce... so dry is our sea...
4. most important (may be ;-), my name, ele-eder, would mean "beautiful tongue" and i'm marked by destiny to do this kind of stuff. one must not struggle against fate....

__________QTN N.1: what is the best "bad business" U take/have ever taken part in?

BERBAZ conversations are quite improvised and sometimes awesome surprises happen, taking us to unexpected places, as if it were a long dance with a loved mate,... when this happens we have succeeded, at least, to reach one of the true main subjects i like to speak about with people, but that aren't usually spoken... that is to say: "which are your deepest dreams?"; "which are the experiences that have marked your life?"; "which main paradigm shifts have you had in your life?"...

__________QTN N.2: i'd like to know about yours, reader!

it's not always easy to reach these stages in a first meeting with somebody, but when this happens, i really feel i'm doing something useful... even if it reached just one grateful and unknown listener!

botellon "cracks":

in my last actual "botellon"-meeting (friday night) i was told about "a crack" (people said to be brilliant in any field). jazz artist Santi Ibarretxe. hope to have him BERBAZ soon ;-)

another crack i've recently listed on my agenda for review: film director Albert Serra,...

___________QTN N.3: i'm loking forward to knowing about the "cracks" U someway follow or U've recently heard about



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